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The Tor Project


Tor Browser contains everything you need to safely browse the Internet. This package requires no installation. Just extract it and run.

The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

Tor Browser lets you use Tor on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or GNU/Linux without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity, and is self-contained (portable).

Tor Browser comes with a series of user experience improvements that address a set of long-term Tor Browser issues you've told us about. To meet our users' needs, Tor Browser has a new user onboarding experience; an updated landing page that follows our styleguide; additional language support; and new behaviors for bridge fetching, displaying a circuit, and visiting .onion sites.


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: Tor Browser 8.0

: torbrowser-install-8.0_en-US.exe

: 54.6 MB

: Open Source

: 06-Sep-2018


: A28D63F89CC87D8D85C440CD46EC7A17

: Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

- All platforms:
- Update Firefox to 60.2.0esr
- Update Tor to
- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2p
- Update Libevent to 2.1.8
- Update Torbutton to 2.0.6
- Implement new about:tor start page
- Implement new user onboarding
- Circuit display onboarding
- Improve about:tor behavior and appearance
- Improve the onboarding text
- Move 'New Identity', 'New Circuit' to File, hamburger menus
- Adapt Torbutton to Firefox 60 ESR
- Fix sec slider/NoScript for TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1
- Start listening for NoScript before it loads
- New Torbutton icon
- Move circuit display to the identity popup
- Use Torbutton to provide security slider on mobile
- Adapt security slider to the WebExtensions version of NoScript
- Adapt to new NoScript messaging protocol
- Show security state of .onions
- Show our about:tor page on startup
- Hide new unusable items from help menu
- Remove workaround for hiding 'sign in to sync' button
- Use new svg.disabled pref in security slider
- Adjust color and size of onion button
- Reposition circuit display relay icon for RTL locales
- Remove spoofed locale implementation
- Remove content-policy.js
- Images are not centered anymore
- Remove the security slider notification
- Make about:tor layout responsive
- Add text for Tor News signup widget
- Add da translation to Torbutton and keep track of it
- Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb, da, he, sv, and zh-TW
- Translations update
- Update Tor Launcher to
- Moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
- Update Tor Launcher to make it compatible with Firefox 60 ESR
- Help button icons missing
- Improve the proxy help text
- Remove sv-SE from tracking for releases
- Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb, da, he, sv, and zh-TW
- Translations update
- Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.8.22
- Update NoScript to
- Update meek to 0.31
- Make meek extension compatible with ESR 60
- Update obfs4proxy to v0.0.7
- Enable a limited UITour for user onboarding
- New user onboarding
- New feature onboarding
- The onboarding bubble is not always displayed
- Fix first-party isolation for UI tour
- Update about:tbupdate to new (about:tor) layout
- Enable HTTP2 and AltSvc
- Tor Browser stalls while loading Facebook login page
- Enable TLS session identifiers with first-party isolation
- Prevent speculative connects that violate first-party isolation
- Make canvas permission prompt respect first-party isolation
- Use en-US strings in HTML forms if locale is spoofed to english
- HTTP .onion sites inherit previous page's certificate information
- .onion images are not displayed
- Move 'New Identity', 'New Circuit' to File, hamburger menus
- Backport Mozilla's bug 1473247
- Backport Mozilla's bug 1470156
- Clean up toolbar for ESR60-based Tor Browser
- Avoid Firefox icons in ESR60
- Load our preferences that modify extensions (fixup)
- Update Tor Browser blog post URLs
- Fix broken MAR file generation
- Remove spoofed locale implementation
- Rebase Tor Browser patches for ESR60
- Show security state of .onions
- Load our preferences that modify extensions
- Isolate HPKP and HSTS to URL bar domain
- Spoof en-US for date picker
- Disable WebVR for now until it is properly audited
- Disable wasm for now until it is properly audited
- Disable Web Authentication API until it is properly audited
- Enable Reader View mode again
- Don't expose navigator.mozAddonManager to websites
- Update about:tbupdate handling for e10s
- Fix potentially confusing "restart to update" message
- Purge startup cache if Tor Browser version changed
- Reduce delay for showing update prompt to 1 hour
- Add potential AltSvc support
- Fix broken hardware acceleration on Windows and enable it
- Add new MAR signing keys
- Revert bug 18619 (we are not disabling IndexedDB any longer)
- Rip out optimistic data socks handshake variant (#3875)
- Hide Firefox Sync
- Disable updater telemetry
- Make sure Torbutton and Tor Launcher are not treated as legacy extensions
- Disable randomised Firefox HTTP cache decay user tests
- Firefox downgrades VP9 videos to VP8 for some users
- Include git hash in tor --version
- Preferences clean-up
- Migrate general.useragent.locale to intl.locale.requested
- Make Tor Browser available in ca, ga, id, is, nb, da, he, sv, and zh-TW
- Include Hebrew translation into Tor Browser
- Add danish (da) translation
- Windows:
- Create 64bit Tor Browser for Windows
- Enable content sandboxing for 64bit Windows builds
- Fix intermittent updater failures on Win64 (Error 19)
- Fix UNC path restrictions failure in Tor Browser 8.0a9
- Enable HEASLR in Windows x86_64 builds
- Work around endless loop during page load and about:tor not loading
- Fix broken security slider and NoScript interaction on Windows
- Fix shutdown crash
- PT config should include full names of executable files
- Update zlib to version 1.2.11
- Update tbb-windows-installer to 0.4
- Update tbb-windows-installer to check for Windows7+
- Require Windows7+ for updates to Tor Browser 8
- OS X:
- After loading file:// URLs clicking on links is broken on OS X
- Tor Browser only renders HTML for local pages via file://
- Tor Browser does not run extension scripts if loaded via about:debugging
- Don't open AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets when AF_LOCAL is configured
- Linux:
- Don't open AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets when AF_LOCAL is configured
- Unbreak Tor Browser on systems with newer libstdc++
- Fix OpenGL software rendering on systems with newer libstdc++
- Fix execdesktop argument passing
- After loading file:// URLs clicking on links is broken on Linux
- Tor Browser only renders HTML for local pages via file://
- Tor Browser does not run extension scripts if loaded via about:debugging
- Tor Browser should run without a `/proc` filesystem.
- Set SSE2 support as minimal requirement for Tor Browser 8
- Build System:
- All:
- Use old MAR format for first ESR60-based stable
- RBM build fails with runc version 1.0.1
- Use GitHub repository for STIX
- Add --verbose to the ./mach build flag for firefox
- Don't package up Tor Browser in the `mach package` step
- add support for xz compression in mar files Clean up
- Windows:
- Adapt tor-browser-build/tor-browser for Windows
- Bundle d3dcompiler_47.dll for Tor Browser 8
- Don't build the uninstaller for Windows during Firefox compilation
- Ship pthread related dll where needed
- Build libwinpthread reproducible
- Integrate fxc2 into our build setup for Windows builds
- Use mozilla/fxc2.git for the fxc2 repository
- Get a rust cross-compiler for Windows
- Bump mingw-w64 version for ESR 60
- Fix nsis builds for Windows 64
- Windows installer is missing many languages from NSIS file
- Remove our STL Wrappers workaround for Windows 64bit
- Don't copy msvcr100.dll and libssp-0.dll twice
- Work around Tor Browser crashes due to fix for bug 1467041
- Use SHA-2 signature for Tor Browser setup executables
- Update GCC to 6.4.0
- Update Binutils to 2.26.1
- Fix FTE compilation for Windows with GCC 6.4.0
- Don't compile Yasm on our own anymore for Windows Tor Browser
- Switch Windows builds from precise to jessie
- OS X:
- Update macOS toolchain for ESR 60
- Build our own cctools for macOS cross-compilation
- Update macOS SDK for Tor Browser builds to 10.11
- Clean up our mozconfig-osx-x86_64 file
- Use new cctools in our macosx-toolchain project
- Get a rust cross-compiler for macOS
- Disable Stylo to make macOS build reproducible
- Fix .app directory name in tools/dmg2mar
- Linux:
- Patch tor-browser-build for transition to ESR 60
- Rust support for tor-browser and tor
- Update GCC to 6.4.0
- Update Binutils to 2.26.1

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